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Industrial Gear Oil Manufacturers in India


Velloils Lubricant & Petrochem Ltd offers Industrial Gear Oil Manufacturers in India to its wide diversity of industrial enterprises. Industrial Gear Oil is crucial to the seamless working of a component. It plays a key role in the functioning of the entire machinery. Gear Oil lowers the friction and wear and tear at the interface of two machine parts, surfaces or edges and thus enhances the longevity of automotive machine tools.

Industrial Gear Oil Features

primary features of Lubricants and Industrial Gear Oil are:

Exceedingly steady in extraordinary temperature, radiation, and receptive situations
Guarantees unrivaled tidiness of the motor parts
Acts as a sealant


Industrial Gear Oil is a range of lightly-coloured premium quality heavy-duty modern gear oils, which have been produced for the lubricants of included gears working below severe working condition. They are formulated from the highest quality paraffinic base Industrial Gear Oil and incorporate sulfur-phosphorus type extreme stress and other agents that give excellent protection against foaming, rust, and corrosion.


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